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Welcome to my website

We specialise in Interior design & concept architecture 

Honesty and passion for design are the values I appreciate the most. When designing,  we put special emphasis on what our clients wants and then we carefully create a design that suits their requirements. 

We believe in the power of the most natural materials, such as stone, concrete, wood and glass. Their unique character defines the whole space that defies stereotypes as well as destructive aging processes. 

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Transform your Space

Redefining the way we design

Interiors are an integral part of our lives. When designing a building it is impossible not to think of its interior and vise versa.  Although, an interior designer I can also help you with the overall concept and design of your new home to ensure the exteriors and the interiors of the building and complement  each other.


I focus on client’s needs, great natural materials, good ornaments and the highest quality equipment. 


Perception Enabled

Visit my portfolio page and explore some of  projects & sectors including residential, hospitality and commercial. I have worked on during my time as a freelance interior  designer as well as working for other interior design firms around the UK.

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I Deliver exceptional  Services around the World


I offer both interior designs of private space - houses and apartments, as well commercial space, such as retail shops, restaurants, cafés, clubs, hotels, etc. I also implement office and public space designs.


My advantage is a full support of design - from architectural concept, through detailed design, author's supervision, to advice on selecting and purchasing equipment. I can recommend verified contractors.

My services also include space planning, concept design & consultation, materiality, technical drawing, detailed design, product & finishes specification, project amendment and 3D visualisation.

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Why Nikos

I am an all-rounded designer offering services from start to completion. 

From brief and concepts to detailed drawings and product specification, I  can offer you an all-in-one service package produced in-house.  I pride myself on integrity, commitment and creativity.


With extensive range of skills,  I can offer a variety of design services with most being in house which means time efficiency, economy, and less hassle.

Coming Soon

My new home-ware & accessories online shop ''Psithurisms''

Textiles, colours and creating patterns   inspired by the world  around  me has always been a massive passion of mine and now I’m able to share my work worldwide and now with PSITHURISMS online shop you can get these beautiful items in unique designs and patterns for you and your love ones.

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