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Welcome to

Hello, I'm Nikos

I’m an award winning interior Designer based in London with many years of experience working  on projects around the UK and Cyprus and United States.

I am a very creative professional with unique ideas and technical knowledge, I think outside the box and I  like using my passion for interior design to help improve people’s lives and create beautiful spaces.

I specialise in Interior design


I can provide you with massive  range of services such space planning, concept design & consultation, materiality, technical drawing, detailed design, product &  finishes specification, project amangment and 3D visualisation.


Interiors that stand out

Throughout my carrier I had the chance to work on a range of projects in all sectors of interior design like Hospitality, Residential, leisure, commercial & retail. 

Visit my portfolio page and explore some of  projects & sectors I have worked on during my time as a freelance interior  designer as well as working for other interior design companies around the UK.

Need a change?

Life is short to live in spaces we don't like or feel conformable within and we should change whatever we don't like. If your are not happy with how your current space check out these before and after photos of a recent private residential project I have worked on located in Limassol, Cyprus and contact me. 

This could be yours!

Nikos Interiors home-ware & accessories online shop.

Textiles, colours and creating   patterns   inspired   by   the world  around   me has always  been  a massive passion  of  mine and now  I’m able to share  my work worldwide and now with PSITHURISMS online shop you can get these beautiful items in unique designs and patterns for you and your love ones.

Check out my blog for inspiration boost and tips

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