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Private Residence

Living on the sea gets new meaning. Limassol, Cyprus

An impressive high end residential project on the sea was designed in 2020. I was  commissioned to design the full exterior & interior of the property, including the centrally located living room and high ceiling as the focal point of the ground floor and first floor interior that enjoys a direct access to the Mediterranean beach.

The Villa, masterfully set in generous plot and well-balanced in both proportion and features. All the contemporary life-enhancing design elements expected in this class of residence are blended seamlessly with a considered affinity to the landscape in which the villa is located. Using industrial design influences and simple lines, I have created pure volumes that sit on manicured Mediterranean gardens, blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces and creating a lifestyle we call ‘barefoot luxury’.

It’s a balancing act of architectural design and functionality where the entire plot is considered, resulting in a space that is optimally utilized, featuring multiple points of interest that flow into and around each other without interruption, including overflow pools, outdoor dining spaces and casual seating circling bespoke firepits.

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