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Concept Overview

The Trentham Gardens Boutique Hotel responds directly to the heritage and natural beauty of this listed site. Visitors can explore the gardens and then experience opulance and luxury at this unique and vibrant hotel. 

The proposed scheme includes a new structure among the existing buildings and offers car parking, entertainment and leisure facilities, 22 boutique apartments and hotel rooms and a stunning roof garden with views across the Sir Charles Barry Italianate Gardens. 


The building took the shape of the land that is located on because I didn’t wanted to create something that it will take the identity of the area away. The new building communicates nicely with the old buildings so the visitors can observe the old and new architecture form their balconies and the big windows that are located throughout the hotel. The interior spaces are inspired by the Scandinavian and Mid-century design because of its clean and organic design combined with the tropical elements like wallpapers, plants and patterns.  

Final rendered section.png

Section through the proposed building

Final rendered plans 1.png

Proposed rendered plans of all floor levels

Video Walkthrough