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Concept Overview

The project brief set is to create a temporary exhibition space within the Imperial War Museum in Manchester, showcasing stories that occurred in war history.


A Temporary Exhibition is a non-permanent exhibition which my travel around to different places and is something which comes and go based on popularity and what is trending to gain the public’s attention and draw them in.  Majority of temporary exhibitions cramp in a lot of information and things to view in one place so the viewers can see everything in one visit at one place and gain an in-depth knowledge of the exhibition they have seen.


The exhibition topic is the war and political situation In Cyprus 1974 before and after the the Turkish Invasion on the Island. The focus was be the stories of people involved and how that event and political situation affected their lives.

The exhibition is made up of two parts, the first part is giving an extensive information about the life and political situation of the island before the event and then the visitors would are directed to the main exhibition area were they are able to walk on a night time map of Cyprus as the invasion took place at night time. On the bottom of the walls there is blue lighting representing the sea around Cyprus, this is to help make people feel like they are present at the time of the event. There are also dark rooms in each part of the exhibition (map), where stories of people that lived during the war  will be projected.