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Conran shop Week 3: Company's Past and Present

For this week I focused more on the Company's Background and History until today. On the slide show below you will be able to see a brief history of the shop from 1950s till the 2000s and then important details between 2010 until 2016. The research about their background and history helped me understand the company's ethos, philosophy and heritage which is very important element of the brief that has been given to me in the beginning of the semester.

In 1956 Terence Conran launched his design practice, Conran Design Group. This was responsible for many of the new, swinging boutiques springing up across the capital. It was into this cool new world that Habitat was born in 1964, on Fulham Road, then a workaday corner of west London. Colourful, modern and affordable, with white walls, cut flowers and tiled floors, it sold woks, bean bags, chicken bricks, duvets and Japanese paper lanterns to a young, hip British public. Mary Quant designed the staff uniforms, and Vidal Sassoon did their hair. Its catalogues, styled with cheerful homewares and young couples, were legendary, and paved the way for the likes of Ikea.

The success of the store lead to a growth spurt: Conran established The Storehouse Group, acquiring Heal’s among other high street stores, his restaurant empire expanded and the Conran Shop opened, designed to be more exclusive and expensive than Habitat, selling sleek modern furniture and quirky objects. Its most popular item today is the Shirt Shuttle, a water- and crease-proof case for transporting ironed shirts.

The Conran Shop’s roots are in London, where it was responsible for the revival of the historic Michelin House building on Fulham Road, Chelsea. The Conran Shop has since grown with stores in Marylebone and Paris to become a leading luxury retailer offering a covetable edit of furniture, lighting, home accessories and gifts from some of the most iconic and up-and-coming designers from around the world.

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