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Conran shop Week 6: Product Catalogue

I spent the week 6 looking and researching the Conran shops products. That helped me understand its ethos, style and philosophy but also gave me inspiration on how I want my design to look like, materials and colours.

Best known, perhaps, for turning the humble ashtray into a status symbol like the Quaglino’s ‘Q’, the Sartoria tape measure or the St George’s flag, the Conran shop and It’s product designers have a vast range of experience, designing everything from sofas and armchairs to bathroom ranges (including the award-winning Aveo range for Villeroy & Bosch) to baby’s buggies.

What I really like about their products are the many different colours they using for accessories and objects and the wood and cream colours they use for their furniture’s. They design their stores with simplicity and sometime with colourful designs, and it's clean and most of their products are in modern shapes but also vintage.

From inimitable icons by renowned names such as Eames and Hans Wegner, to innovative creations from up-and-coming talents, The Conran Shop is one of the best destinations for the very best in classic and contemporary design. Handpicked furniture collection, from chairs, tables and stools to storage, beds and outdoor sets to curate your own tailor-made living space, Sofas and Armchairs, chairs stool, benches, tables desks, storage, children's furniture, gifts, even and outdoor options.

The Conran shop’s target audience are the wealthier people, I've look at their catalogue and their prices but also the quality of their products are high end and most of them hand made.

Their new ‘’flagship’’ collection, called Wardour, available exclusively in the Chelsea store, re-establishes what The Conran Shop has always stood for- improving the lives of its customers with inspirational pieces to be loved for life, discovered in a visually stimulating environment. Their new collection combines luxury, comfort and flair built on a palette of wood cream, whites and beige, injected with classic Conran blue to create a timeless look. With over 3.000 lines of new and exciting products, this collection is the first of an ongoing redevelopment of the brand.

They have a lot of small products and accessories and that mean I will have to design a lot of spaces so there is enough space for those type of objects. Also I will separate those objects in different sections and I will put them in the right position within the store. E.g. Pillows in the bedroom section, Glasses in the kitchen section.

I also like that for living room furniture’s they create a living room in the store and they put those furniture’s together. They do the same thing with all the types of furniture and rooms and I think is really smart because they can sell a set of furniture’s because they show to the customer’s combinations they can do with them.

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