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Conran shop Week 7: Aesthetic Information

For their shops they using mostly soft beige colours and a lot of wood. At some points they use colours like yellow, green, blue or red and that’s giving a clear and simply aesthetic to the space. Also this combination of colours it much with the vintage and clear design of their products.

I liked that for living room furniture’s they create a living room in the store and they put those furniture’s together. They do the same thing with all the types of furniture and rooms and I think is really smart because they can sell a set of furniture’s because they show to the customer’s combinations they can do with them.


Their displays are very simply and it’s the same style as the rest of the shop, so basically what is inside the store it’s also on the displays. I think this is telling to people that this is what they are going to find and inside, the same well design areas which they look like real rooms. On their displays they use more colour and a lot of geometric shapes like cubes and triangles.

Innovo is a 'living wall' composed of a myriad vintage chandelier remnants salvaged from the workshop in Murano – a colourful variety of glass flowers and foliage fitted to polished chrome metal ‘planters’ lined with warm white LED. The effect is both beautiful and intriguing, exploring ideas of sustainable design whilst showcasing Baroncelli’s expertise in blending heritage skills and new technology through creative vision.

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