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Conran shop Week 8: Key Competitors & Current Trends

This week I did a research about business competition to help me understand how Marketing for business works and import this knowledge and create better and more effective design. Then, based on that research I looked and I research the key competitors of the Conran shop. This research covered key subjects like the, Marketing theory, How businesses are affected by competition and what is Direct and indirect competition.

Then I found the key competitors of Conran shop and I tried to learn as much as I could about them so I can have a strong knowledge of the marked which is going to help me make a good design for my client.

To find inspiration and make sure my design is going to be up to date when it comes to trends I visited the WGSN website and looked at current trends, colours, materials and shapes. From that I found that now retail design must be clear, with pale colours or bright, a lot of white and modern shapes and lines. Yellow also is everywhere lately and on the website, I found amazing designs with a lot of yellows which Conran shop use a lot too.

For my design and because I want to separate the space into sections I’m thinking to use yellow for the living rooms section and then for all the other sections different colours combined with the white I will use for the walls.

That will give to the space a colourful design, help me separate the space into sections, people would find the products they looking for easier and will match with the Conran shop ethos and identity.

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