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Conran shop Week 1: Introduced to the Brief

This week I was introduced to the brief of my first project of the 3rd year of my studies. The Brief for this project is to develop design proposals for the contemporary home accessories brand ‘The Conran Shop’ within a retail space in 5 Queens Arcade, Leeds. It was requested that I must develop designs for a Retail space, which is supported by research and considers the brand and identity of the company, their ethos and design philosophy, products and current market position.

From research to concept, from concept to design development, culminating in a final design outcome, I must engage in a cohesive project that will allow to produce a professional design package, which is supported by research like Visual Merchandising and development, Colour palette exploration and proposals, Key pieces from the Conran collection, Links to current trends / styling, How this links to the Conran brand, Hand sketches, which can be rendered in Photoshop or by hand and 3D visuals of the window space at the shop front. Then I must undertake an investigation of a specific practice and its ethos.