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Conran Shop Week 13: Finalizing Design

After the Initial Sketch Scheme Presentations were we present our ideas and design, I was suggested by my tutor to think better about the building regulations and think about some elements of the design I present that might damage the building or not get approved by the English Heritage. The Idea of raising the floor could be achieved without damaging the original floor bat will might create blank spaces where nobody could reach and clean and that would might create other issues.

Also one of my tutor’s suggestions was about the shelving’s I wanted to create where the windows of the first floor are. I had to avoid any damage being cost on the walls or windows so I designed this shelving’s where they don’t requiring any use of the walls and windows because they will be steady and strong without support from anything else that the shelving’s parts.

The cashier table is going too located underneath the stairs and I make sure there is a lot of scale so two people can be easily behind it. I choose a simple design for the cashier desk because I want the customers to focus on products that they can buy and also the simplest this type of parts of the shop are then the better is going to look a space full of furniture’s and products.

Because we didn’t had the chance to see the interior of the specific shop so I have no clue what’s type of railings the stairs of the shop have, or if it haves any, I found this railings from a company called Glass and Mirrors design In case railings will need to be placed. The design is clear and modern made with glass and will match the rest of the design and will also match with the Conran shops ethos.