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Conran Shop Week 11: First Initial Ideas & Zoning

My idea and the theme that I want to use for the shop is House. I want to separate the space into spaces that almost every house has. Living Room, Kitchen, Dining Room and Bathroom. Because I wanted to include all their types of products into my space I decided to add into my design sections like office and a space were all the lightings are going to be.

My first idea was to remove the toilets from the back of each floor and put a lift so people with disabilities will have access to the first floor. That wouldn’t work because is a create listed building and I cannon put lift because that will requires to break down the ceiling and floor in those two rooms but also will damage the building. Access to those people will be provided only on the ground floor as I will make sure there will be enough space for wheelchairs to move around the space. By that I decided to use the room at the back of the ground floor as kitchen section, and the one at the first floor as toilets.

Pages From My Design Development Book