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Conran Shop Week 15: Final Week

In my final week I finally finished the physical model. This was my first experience of creating this kind of physical model but also building something physical on scale.

Then I started finalizing my AutoCAD files so I can start rendering and then I created my lighting plans.

To help me find the final colours and materials I want to use for my design, I tried to create find different combinations of materials and colours. I imported all these combinations into my SketchUP model to try and see how is going to look but also find what is matching and what’s not. The first two materials of each combination are in similar colours and they match to Conran shops ethos. The other boxes are different combinations which still can be used and match the shops ethos but I want to have more options when I will start making final decisions. The companies I will use are Textura for wallpapers, Little Greener for wall paint because they have very high quality products but also English Heritage approves their products to be used on Grade Listed Buildings. For furniture Surfaces I will use Formica Laminate because of the natural look they got and their good quality. The wood flooring is going to be provided by Junkers.

Final Boards

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