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The Brief


The Brief for this project was to develop design proposals for the contemporary home accessories brand ‘The Conran Shop’ within a retail space in 5 Queens Arcade, Leeds. It was requested that I must develop designs for a Retail space, which is supported by research and considers the brand and identity of the company, their ethos and design philosophy, products and current market position. 

Concept Overview

A warm welcome space has been designed that will attract customers to its mid-century interiors and it’s supported with the latest technologies for the display. All aspects of the design, from the shelves to the space design is to engage the customers with the interior and encourage them to handle the products.

The space is separated into sections and those sections have been taken from the shops online catalogue like living room, dining area, kitchen, office, bedroom and bathroom. These areas will help the customer find the products they want easily. Each section has its own colour to make the space easy to navigate.


The space is based on a home layout as the shop has two levels, with stairs on the front of the entry and the two rooms behind of each floor making it easy to convert into a house.

The Conran brand style also inspired my design as they put their products and furniture together as sets and by rooms so the best way to design the shop is to separate the space into sections and make the arrangement of the products as it will be in a real house.

Final Boards 1aA.jpg
Final Boards 1aA2.jpg
Final Boards 1aA3.jpg
Final Boards 1aA4.jpg
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